Patent classification service update

by Leif Hanlen

We’ve just made a new version of the patent classification service live.

Changes are:

  • Radio buttons to say what you want to happen when you click on a symbol link (populate Context or Explore).
  • Support for query terms like Symbol:A23* and a Symbol Prefix field (two ways to do the same thing, the former is more flexible, the later is more user friendly).
  • Options for unstemmed search
  • Term auto-complete using exact and fuzzy matches, exact matches are shown first, both are sorted with terms matching more classifications first (other sorting would be possible)
  • Added a link to the query syntax documentation. The fields available for querying are documented here
  • fixed bugs with && and IPC formatting. There may still be an issue in that IPC “B65H75/00” will always be shown as “B65H75” whereas CPC can show “B65H75” with a child “B65H75/00”. This is because the CPC data uses this human friendly format, whereas the IPC data uses A99AZMMMGGGGGZ which we have to reformat for display.