Sno-code update

by Leif Hanlen

Now with configuration options!

We’ve just launched the latest update for our SnoMed-CT text coder We now allow users to select options to choose the semantic types.

SnoMed coder screenshot

SnoMed coder with options

At present we are using a heuristic to filter the semantic types that MetaMap returns to restrict the hits to clinical terms. We will improve the heuristic over time.

The new feature allows the user to select which semantic types are used by MetaMap. Our defaults (the heuristic defaults) are listed, but perhaps you really want to include a search for codes that match fish. So then, press the “configure button, select the semantic type “fish” and re-analyse the text.

As this is a demo system, we don’t store cookies: so if you open new browser window, you’ll have to re-configure